Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Illustration - Stealing Ideas

I've been experimenting with a new style that incorporates my pencil sketches into the final illustration, instead of creating it all digitally. This is a new piece done in that style, based on this quote from Mo Willems: 

"A lot of people think of ideas as objects or animals that you hunt. You go into the woods, you find an idea, you capture it, and you bring it home. And ideas really are more like gardens. And every day, you're planting lots and lots of ideas. Some of them get eaten by birds, and never go anywhere. Some of them grow up to be really horrible things. Some wither and die. Every now and then, over time, some idea grows up to be big and beautiful and filled with fruit."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Still Rhyming!

I have having so much fun at this rhyming stuff, I can't stop! Like Gloria Estefan says, "the rhythm is gonna get you!" It got me, all right!

I wrote a poem to enter the poetry contest that The Children's Book Academy is having. The theme is "Why Do Kids Love Poetry?"

Why Kids Love Poetry
by Lynn Alpert

Poems are pretty things to hear –
a sweet song from a wren.
They make me want to dance and sing,
and do it all again!

When I read a poem out loud,
I feel I’m in a trance.
It’s like my tongue and words
come out and do a little dance.

Clap and sing and read along,
it’s hard to not join in!
The rhyming party has begun –
try not to tap and grin!

Why do kids love rhyming texts?
I’ll speak for all us kids –
it’s fun to hear and say the sounds –
that’s it, that’s all there is!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Final Week of RhyPiBoMo

Books I read this past week:

A bittersweet ending to a wonderful month learning tons of stuff about poetry. I'm sad it's over, but I got great news this morning: I received an honorable mention for my poem Please Don't Make Me Eat Those Peas AND I randomly won one of the daily prizes! Yay!

There were some really good entries in the contest – check them out here!

I am now a graduate of the first annual RhyPiBoMo and I will proudly display this here: