Monday, January 30, 2006

Illustration Friday - Glamour/Cats
& EDM #54 - Draw something you love

I think it's hard to find glamour any more. The famous people are so obsessed with not growing old, they will inject poison in their brows, butt fat in their lips and have their faces taken off and stretched tight. In my opinion, this makes them look like freaks. I think aging gracefully is glamourous. I thought about illlustrating Sophia Loren because I think she has aged very gracefully. But I remembered that I had drawn this lady head vase, and I've always thought that it looked glamourous. I think it's from the fifties. Pencil drawing scanned and colored in Photoshop.

I was late in posting my cats entry because I was sick last week, but here it is. I adore cats, and I couldn't let this one go by without joining in. Allie was my first love. She was always posed in a beautiful postion - you never saw her not look graceful. She was very loving toward me (and even kissed me on the lips), but a little shy around strangers. I adopted her at 8 weeks and had her until she passed at 14. The second cat Max was given to us by a somewhat crazy woman. Unfortunately, I think a little of that crazy rubbed off on Max. He would hop up in the air out of the blue and run away like he was running from something that wasn't there. He was basically a lover - he would curl up with anyone, but he was not well. He was basically allergic to himself - he always had a skin condition and parasites in his belly. We thought we fixed him up and gave him to my mom who needed the affection. The poor guy ended up dieing way too young - I guess we didn't fix him. The two cats at the bottom are with me now. I call Nico a dog-cat because she seems to think she is a dog. She likes her belly rubbed and lays on her back with her 4 legs splayed open. Allie would not approve! Squeeky is a new addition and looks like a long-haired version of Allie, which is kind of weird. She is very loving, (and kisses me on the lips like Allie used to) although if you tickle her belly, watch out!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Illustration Friday - E is For...(Part 2)

I just couldn't let this subject go by without a drawing of my niece Elizabeth. So, I drew this today.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Illustration Friday - E is For...

One of our projects in The Creative Postcard Club was to do an alphabet flashcard. We were assigned letters and mine was "e". This is what I came up with.