Friday, May 23, 2008


Just posting to let you know that I'm still alive! I've been in a slump and have not been creating anything lately – creating makes me happy, but I don't feel like creating because I'm not happy. Man - what a Catch 22!

To make matters worse, I hate my job now – there's no creativity going on there anymore (the company I work for has been taken over by a bank and everything has changed for the worse). I'm actively looking for a new job (as a graphic designer), so then there's the ole' self doubting that goes along with that.

To keep me from totally giving up on my art, I still read other inspiring blogs - thank God for those that keep on writing and inspiring me, including Penelope, Holli, Violette, and Dani, an artist I just discovered. Thank you for keeping me (and I'm sure loads of others) inspired! You guys really are appreciated!