Thursday, January 20, 2011

Illustration Friday Chicken (in progress)

It's been fun looking at all the chickens this week. And the Twitterverse is clucking! Jannie Ho (chicken girl) suggested the word and since I consider her one of my Tweeps, I had to join in on all the chickeny fun! I'm still not done with it, but I thought I'd post it before the word changes.

Strangely enough, just the other day, one of my BFFs was telling a story about singing the song "Chicken Train" in her office at work (to everyone's amusement!) Everyone just looked at her as if she was a crazy woman, since no one remembered the song. She asked me if I remembered it and I broke out into song! Does anyone else remember it? It's from the 70s or 80's and it's by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I'm not sure that many people even heard of them outside of Missouri, but they were a staple on our local rock station KSHE 95. So the song has been on a continuous loop in my brain all week and I felt I had to take advantage of it! It's a silly, funny song! Click on the video to hear the song while you enjoy my visual Chicken Train!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Theme for 2011– Become

Sorry I've been away for a while - I'm still trying to deal with my mother's sudden passing on Thanksgiving. Boy, grief can really surprise you - it can sneak up on you at the most inopportune times! It creeps into all the little crevices in your life that you weren't even aware were there!

I've finally decided that my theme word for 2011 is "become." I need to really become a working artist/illustrator and stop chasing after the quick money fix (which rarely worked anyway!) To become comfortable with working for myself (is that even possible?) I know fear is always going to be my sidekick, so I need to accept that, too. So my word is BECOME.