Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from International Freelancers Day (in no particular order)

Just got finished attending the first International Freelancers Day online conference. It was so informative! Had fun tweeting with other attendees while the presentations were going on. There was so much I learned, and a lot I missed (will catch up when the replays are available). But here are just 10 of the take-aways I can think of right now (my mind is swimming with so much information) that would be helpful to many kinds of freelancers – illustrators, writers, graphic designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc.
  1. Pricing Implies Quality – Jonathan Fields
  2. Paradox of Choice - don’t overwhelm your clients with too many choices – Jonathan Fields
  3. Present your pricing from the highest to the lowest, because people will compare the new price in relation to the one mentioned before it – Jonathan Fields
  4. FUF: Follow up Forever – Michael Huggins
  5. ABP: Always be Pitching – Rebecca Matter
  6. NEVER miss your deadlines. 75% of new freelancers Rebecca Matter hired missed their first deadlines. WOW!
  7. Get listed on top influencers’ resource directories – Ed Gandia 
  8. Milk the freelance life – Peter Bowerman (favorite quote - a t-shirt to be made?)
  9. People Don’t Buy What You Do; They Buy Why You Do It – Simon Sinek (by way of Peter Bowerman)
  10. Never discount, instead offer economical alternatives by taking out line items. – Michel Fortin
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Halloween Designs on my Pingg Page

I added two more designs to my Pingg page. If you plan on having a Halloween party or get together, you can use these for free!
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