Friday, May 23, 2008


Just posting to let you know that I'm still alive! I've been in a slump and have not been creating anything lately – creating makes me happy, but I don't feel like creating because I'm not happy. Man - what a Catch 22!

To make matters worse, I hate my job now – there's no creativity going on there anymore (the company I work for has been taken over by a bank and everything has changed for the worse). I'm actively looking for a new job (as a graphic designer), so then there's the ole' self doubting that goes along with that.

To keep me from totally giving up on my art, I still read other inspiring blogs - thank God for those that keep on writing and inspiring me, including Penelope, Holli, Violette, and Dani, an artist I just discovered. Thank you for keeping me (and I'm sure loads of others) inspired! You guys really are appreciated!


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Stopping by from Violette's!

The first time I seen Penelope's work was in a health magazine.

Violette I think I first saw her through Campsark. Now it's Planet Sark.

Sorry you feel sad and depressed. If you've been dealing with it your whole life maybe you have an overgrowth of yeast in your body. That's what I found out I had since I was a child and when I prayed to ask God in Jesus name to help me find out what was wrong with me, Naturopath came to my mind. I wasn't going for depression though. I was having problems breathing and weakness. I thought maybe my FMS was getting worse. After the Candidsis (over growth of yeast was killed off I noticed I wasn't depressed anymore.
I have a spit test on my blog in the #0Spit Test. I don't know if it is a 100%, but you might also check with a Naturopathic Doctor. It's a starting point.

I was watching a show on Brains with Dr. Daniel Amen that was really good. There are certain foods that are good for the brain. Stay away from sugar. Sugar is not good for you. Not even the substitutes.
I watch Valerie Saxion and Dr. to Dr. alot.

Have you watched Suzi Blu? There are other artist too like Jelene. I put a link up with her painting with her nephew. She has some other videos. I put a link up to Suzi Blu at Violettes.

When I was really sad I'd cry a lot
and Pray.

I have to force myself to do things because I live in a lot of pain having FMS.

I've got in the habit of walking everyday too. Rain or shine.

Thanks for putting up the links. All inspiring.

{{{HUGS & I'll PRAY for YOU}}}

violette said...

Thank you so much for the mention! I appreciate it! Flassie i think has offered up some good advice. When i'm depressed or happy i walk to - it lifts the spirits.
I wish you luck in finding the right and perfect creative employment for yourself! You deserve to give wings to your creativity!

love violette

Anonymous said...

Hey - I know working in the corporate cesspool is the pits - but you have talent, and no matter what the robber barons decide to do, they can't take your talent from you. That goes with you, and you'll always be able to draw upon it.

Also - I will always have really overly sweet wine available to you if you want to come over and drown your sorrows. (I just finished a bottle of Mount Pleasant Pink Catawba - sno cone syrup - you would love it!).

I've started working on the text of our Zoo book - so maybe that will give you an excuse and (hopefully) a bit of inspiration to do some cool, new stuff.

Candace said...

Hey Lynn. I'm tagging you. Hope it gives you a grin. Stop by my blog to see what's up.


Carole Haddonbarry said...

Lynn since creating my own blog I did not understand the complexity of your site. I Love it. You have so many more wonderful pieces I am surprised you don't change your drawings every 15 - 20 minutes. Show more of your sketch book (my mugs hint hint) I love your illustration of your niece. How wonderful!

Shelly McC said...

Because I like your work so much I’ve given you an award. You can pick it up from my blog and post the logo on yours. Hope you decide to participate!

Jane said...

Hi Lynn

I'm Jane from England and I stumbled across your blog when I was finding images of cats in Google as I would love to be able to draw them one day. I too can become dispondent at times as I have been unemployed for around 8 months or so. To make matters worse my hubby John (a graphic designer like yourself) was made redundant recently from a printers he had worked at for 21 years! The firm itself was well respected and was in existence for nearly 200 years!! This goes to show that none of us should take our jobs for granted as John (and the others who worked there) did not see this coming. Keep on drawing Lynn, you are very good xxx

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Thanks for stopping by. I had the wonderful pleasure of coming to your blog and seeing this wonderful illustration that you posted from your sketch book. How wonderful is this. Will you be posting soon? I would love to see more of your work. You are a great artist. I wait with baited breathe for your next post! Have a great and creative day!