Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Movie Review

I was so excited about this movie coming out, (hence my banner) but was a little disappointed. Not because of the violence that a lot of parents are worried about, but because it just didn't have the magic of the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Max's room turns into the forest. Those pages are the best - the movie didn't even go there. Max runs away from home, and it's not clear that he's imagining the place he goes to. I wish the makers of this film portrayed that part in the same vein as in the movie Frida, when she is imaging the trip to New York, or when the scene turns into a painting - love that!

I am surprised that Mr. Sendak let that happen (he is one of the producers). Maybe he didn't have as much control over it as I thought because he seems to agree with me. Here is an excerpt of an article that was in Newsweek. Reporter: "One disagreement you had is that in the book, Max stays in his room. In the film, he runs away from home."
Sendak: "It was one of my favorite scenes in the book. It was so much about the ability of children to imagine themselves in another place. He was a prisoner, locked in his room by his mother. And by his imagination he was able to get through those few hours where he was isolated and trapped. That's how I saw it. But there was something so totally valid in what Spike was doing."

I don't agree with that last sentence, but I'm glad me and my buddy Maurice are on the same wave length. Maybe there IS hope for me! :)

For a bunch of incredible art dedicated to the book, visit Terrible Yellow Eyes. Some awesome stuff!


MrBibleHead said...

seeing the movie from an illustrators point of view. I loved the attention to detail in the characters. I'm sure Maurice had a lot to do with that. I enjoyed the movie, but was also missing the bedroom transformation as you and Maurice were.

Lisa J. Michaels said...

I was looking forward to it too, especially after having seen the museum exhibit of Mr. Sendaks life works here in Tampa. It was awesome!

I too was disappointed. Although the characters themselves were well done, and the actor chosen to play Max was terrific, I felt that the story line was totally destroyed. What a mess. It had the potential to be fantastic, (as in the sweet scenes where they all huddled together for naps), but they missed the mark with all the temper tantrums and dynomite!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Is Sendak just the best??? Awesome girl! I love your new banner. It's wonderful and wild!!!! And yes girly there is lots of hope for all of you. Keep the pedal to the metal baby girl. Good things are coming your way for sure!

Art Fan Ako said...

Wow! Awesome! I was a Children's Librarian for many years and used Max and the Sendak monsters for display. This is awesome. See if your local library would like to display your artwork.