Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't Work For Free Under the Guise of Good Exposure

I don't believe in doing spec work, or work for "an opportunity for your art to be seen" or promises of "a lot more work in the future" or "it will be a great piece for your portfolio!" I don't think any other profession has to deal with this issue and I don't understand why people think it's ok to ask graphic designers and illustrators to work for free.

As artists, we are able to create something that someone wants, right? Then why not treat it as any other profession? You wouldn't go to the doctor and tell her you'll only pay her if you like what she says. Hell, if that's the case I would NEVER pay my doctor!!

Ben Crick is the designer of this wonderful image here, as well as three others about spec work, and he has a brilliant post about it here.  I hope he comes out with these images as posters, because I want one! I feel like he should put them on t-shirts and I'm sure he'd have a lot of graphic designers and illustrators wearing them all the time!!
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Lisa M Griffin said...

Great post and thanks for the link.

SoSoon said...

As an artist who's choice field is one that seems next to impossible to navigate without offering some pro bono work, I found this to be a very inspirational article AND illustration. Kudos!