Sunday, April 26, 2015

RhyPiBoMo Week 4

Here are the fun books I read this week:

I think I have 3 favorites this week! First is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADAME CHAPEAU by the author/illustrator team Andrea Beaty and David Roberts (the same team I mentioned before). 
Again, I love the quirky drawings and the story is funny about a hat maker  without a hat. It's so funny.

YOU NEST HERE WITH ME by Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple, illustrated by the wonderful Melissa Sweet is another of my favorites. This book is like the illustrators's name – sweet and beautiful.

TABBY MCTAT by anther dream team, writer Julia Donaldson and illustator Axel Scheffler is my other favorite. It's about a busker who has a cat buddy sing with him, and something happens where they get separated, but it comes out happy at the end. I'm always a sucker for a cat book.

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