Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Obama!


My pumpkin in front of my studio door with some poster designs I printed out from designforobama.com


Anonymous said...

Lynn I'm thrill to see one of my posters in your wall.
'm a graphic designer that currently lives in Dominican Republic, I have being impressed with the work of so many artists supporting Obama
and how for the first time a political art movement can contribute to change on November 4th. So I can educate,illustrate and inspire others in the same field, I'm having an exhibit on Obama poster and Obama Art in a international business school in the Dominican Republic.
The opening date is NOV 18th, so it wont be a politize and is view more as art as politics instead of politics as art. I will show not only an important art movement, but a new venue for artist to be heard.

A a fun addition, I will also include a print of some of my work, alone with all the comments from the design for obama site.

Thanks again for sharing your wall


Anonymous said...

What a great door! I just want to say thank you for the support with my posters. Tonight is a dream come true. I have been involved with Barack's Senate and Presidential campaigns and tonight is just fantastic! Let's continue to work together for a greater good (through design)!

stuart rochford said...

Aaah! That is so great. Thank you so much for printing out my poster and telling me about it. Also, for the nice comment about my website. It really does mean a whole lot to me. I just got back from an election watch party here in Tallahassee, Florida and saw our man take the win. It was quite a moment. I'm sure you and everyone else who posted on designforobama.com are just as thrilled. Let's hope for two full terms, eh? Hope you're doing well. Again, thank you so much!

-Stuart (sprochford)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn for your enthusiasm for the campaign. and for printing my poster


Yes We Did It!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful collection of posters. Most I've never seen before. And what a wonderful election night, eh?!

rafael lopez said...

Thanks for supporting this movement for change and to everyone who contributed their work. Let's continue to use the energy put into this campaign to make a difference in communities where we live and work.

Best, Rafael Lopez