Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is My Year

This week's prompt in my “Creative Dreams Come True” journey is to write a "This is My Year" list. As Andrea describes it, "Now it's time to buy a ticket for the creative dream jet plane. So our assignment is to chart out more specifically what dreams you want to have come true this year, to set our destination to make sure we’re getting on the right plane."

This is my health
I feel healthy, energetic and pain-free

  • Do stretches daily

  • Walk and do yoga consistently

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat more whole foods

  • These are my relationships
    I feel connected, loved and inspired by my friends and family

  • Continue my weekly "trash tv" night

  • Be more proactive in relationships with my friends/family

  • Encourage other artists, both in person and online

  • This is my abundance
    I am happy to be making a living at what I love

  • Get website up

  • Market business

  • Send at least 2 promo mailings

  • Track successes, both personal and professional

  • This is my creativity/purpose
    I feel I am using my talents as best as I am able

  • Draw and/or write daily

  • Develop at least 4 of my picture book ideas into stories

  • This us how I practice self love/self care
    I feel happy, nurtured and comfortable with myself

  • Take frequent breaks from computer/drawing to move and stretch

  • Continue my morning pages

  • Have 1 "artist date" weekly

  • This is how I experience happiness/adventure
    I feel joyful in each moment

  • I am willing to try new things

  • I will be okay to experience things alone if anyone else isn't interested in doing them with me


    ABCcreativity said...

    this is fantastic! i see you creating a beautiful life.

    i especially like this one "I will be okay to experience things alone if anyone else isn't interested in doing them with me" that is so key! i also find when i go do things alone, i meet new people!

    Abz said...

    I loveeeeee red heads! I did a recent illusration of a mermaid with red hair on my blog!

    Drop by for a visit...let me know what you think ;)

    Ginny Baker said...

    Hi Lynn!

    Love your list! I took a cue from your abundance list because I strive to make my living completely from my artwork as well. And I also want to draw and write daily. :o)

    pink said...

    I especially like your health goals -- very doable but with huge payoff over time.

    Ginny Baker said...

    I stopped by to give you the Sunshine award Lynn because you and your work bring sunshine into my life and make me smile. :o)

    Please stop by my blog to receive your award.