Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Favorites

When life gets too overwhelming and I start to feel down, I try to practice gratitude to stay positive. So, I make myself focus on the good things that happened in the past week that made me smile.
  • Had a nice lunch with children's illustrator and Twitter buddy Wendy Martin. We've been trying to hook up for a while and life kept getting in the way. We did wait for each other for at least 20 minutes in different parts of the place we were meeting though!
  • Met some great peeps at a Biznik meetup. Got some great encouragement and advice from another very nice graphic designer in the area.
  • Got my first article published on the Biznik site – and it's featured on the home page today!
  • Got another great testimonial from a happy client!
  • Thought like an author and got a book idea for PiBoIdMo from an unpleasant situation.
What good things happened to you this week?
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1 comment:

Wendy Martin said...

It was great seeing you. I waited outside while you waited inside, who could have thunk that?